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Coffee & Tea

Our coffee is roasted in-house to ensure peak flavor. We carry light, medium, and dark roasts, so there is something sure to appeal to every taste. Trouble deciding? Try our Oswego Blends sampler pack, or we would be happy to make a personal recommendation.
Three bags of coffee
Why buy fresh roasted coffee?
The bottom line is that coffee quickly loses flavor once it has been roasted so when it sits on a shelf for weeks or months it becomes stale and relatively flavorless-with age comes bitterness. In fact, after about a month the coffee retains roughly 10% of the flavor it had just after roasting. We believe that fresh, robust coffee should be a reality for every household and as Coffee roastersuch we sell a variety of selections, all roasted in the store. Image surprising your family andguests with the aroma and richness of coffee that has been roasted days or even hours beforeit is served. We offer organic and fair trade coffees, so you can feel great about enjoying every cup. To make things even better, our coffees are packaged in compostable bags.

Our single bean varieties

Brazil Cerrado
Colombian Excelso
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
Honduras Ocotopeque
Sumatra Mandehling
Colombian Decaf
Mayan Decaf

Our signature Oswego Blends

This blend is a coffee connoisseur's dream. It features an intense aroma with rich, dark tones and is truly a coffee for the brave of heart.

Lake Effect
This coffee features pleasant dark tones with a clean finish.

Lake Ontario

This is a full bodied blend with sparkling acidity.

Lighthouse Blend

A medium roast reminiscent of the waves lapping against the base of the lighthouse along the shores of Lake Ontario.

Sunrise Breakfast Blend

Enjoy a great start to the morning with this clean, bright flavor.


This blend offers an enticing option for those that love flavored blends. A lightly flavored coffee, it features notes of cinnamon, rum, and pecan.

Additional items

Inbru coffee flavorsFlavoring our coffees is easy with Inbru products. Choose any variety and adjust the intensity to suit your tastes by mixing more or less product into the coffee while brewing. Inbru adds flavor without adding fat, calories, sugar, or carbs. Each jar holds enough Inbru to flavor eight pots of coffee. It comes in intriguing flavors such as highlander grogg, raspberry tart, vanilla bean, danish pastry, and creme caramel.
Loose leaf teasWe carry a wide variety of loose leaf teas by Adagio, along with accessories for steeping everything from single cups to whole tea pots to share. We sell our teas in 3 oz. refillable tins, by the ounce, or in packets of pre-made tea bags. Selections include green, black, white, and Tea pot in storeoolong teas in flavors such as Irish Breakfast, Rasberry, Pomegranate, Mango, African Honey bush, and many more. We also sell tea pots, paper tea filters, and a variety of sugar and specialty honey.


Raspberry Patch tea with teapot and cookies